5e 1/4 Bestiary Tokens - FREE SAMPLE

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This is the free sample set from the CR1/4 creature token pack. You can get the full set of 36 tokens here. There are 119 tokens in the expanded set, each with at least three variations. 

This set of tokens was made in collaboration with Tom Cartos. You can get 5 more free tokens by heading over to Tom Cartos's Patreon page! 

Villager Patrons can get the entire CR1/4 set, which includes 36 unique monster and creature tokens based on the 5e monsters in the SRD, HERE


Shop Keeper Patrons and above also get access to the 'Variant' set that includes 119 color and costume variants for the tokens HERE


We will be releasing new regular packs with increasingly more powerful foes to keep your adventuring party on their feet!

I expect to post the new map and a forest floor token pack later today. Also, I promise the Vine Dragon is coming. This month has been extra busy! 

I hope you'll stay around. These next few months will include some really fun content! 

Sincerely, Darryl T. Jones!

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