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(47) Blight Over Brynderwold
Pinkscab Palsy is spreading throughout the isolated outpost of Brynderwold, bringing death and debilitation to inhabitants. Can the party uncover the source of infection, defeat the plague bringers, and save the settlement? Probably not. But for 400 gold crowns, it's worth a try... Isn't it?

Blight Over Brynderwold is the first Adventure Framework available in colour, parchment and B&W PDFs, packed full of gameable assets, including: 2 keyed maps (Brynderwold & the sewers), tables for rumours, town encounters & sewer encounters, a fleshed out town (including NPC personalities & side treks), plus a 20+ room sewer "dungeon" for the PCs to kick holes in (or get kicked!). 16 pages exc cover and credits. Hope you enjoy :)


Artwork by Publisher’s Choice Quality Stock Art copyright Rick Hershey / Fat Goblin Games, used with permission.

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