February Release: Full Preview

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Furnished Inn

This month we are releasing the first part of our 3 story inn with repeating top level and furniture. Next month we will release a second part with some upper story options and more furniture. We have around a dozen pieces of furniture with resin supports added so far and will finish that off next month for the more complex pieces. Furniture is fairly basic to set up on the resin printer. Any 30-45 degree tilt with a couple extra supports on the starter edge should take care of all this stuff.

Main Features of Inn

The main feature of the Inn involves walls cut at 1/3 height to allow for maximum viewing on any floor being played. We are also using a removable peg system so you don’t have to work about losing a part just because a stacking peg breaks.

Miniature Stands

We are starting to make miniature stands, this month we are releasing square style stands, going forward each month will have a new style of square stands and also full set of round stands in the previous months style.

Beta Solid/Hollow Buildings

We have released a beta of requested solid/hollow style buildings with NO INSIDES. This has been requested many times over the months so it will be an added feature. We will release a set of these each month. I am not providing supports on these as I expect they will be scaled to many sizes. Let me know how it works for you!

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