148 | Megan: Toxic Zombie

Name: Megan: Toxic Zombie

Occupation:  Villainy

Location: Florida
Super Powers: Immortality and Toxic
Weakness:  Fire, death (temporary)
Toxic Zombie will not rest until she finds Dr. Pain and exacts her revenge!

Guess who just broke up out the kage

Toxic Zombie

got a healthy appetite for Brains

Toxic Zombie

Syck with a vendetta that's contagious

Toxic Zombie

Be a pain to Dr Pain and bring the Pain

Toxic Zombie

Yo, it's Toxic Zombie in the place
I'm going to spit this poison
Drown you in this toxic waste
Dr Pain I'm coming for your brains
I may be your kreation
but I'm a chew you up like payday
'Kause sweet revenge is like some kandy
And kan't nobody handle me
They only just slow me down
These heroes are just some klowns
Fire is just a minor scratch
No matter whatchu do to me
I guarantee i will be back

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