Hello, friends! I'm so excited to begin our first month of Patreon-sponsored hijinx!

March Project: I've been developing an idea and rule system for a coloring book that's also a simple gamebook-style rpg. Something between a Choose-Your-Own Adventure and an activity book. I'm going to make a short adventure this month, as a proof-of-concept. So, pack your adventuring gear and your crayons, and get ready to visit Burlwood.

Opal's Update: I'm aiming to have Opal's update for the 11th. We're participating with our puppets in an Art Walk event in downtown Bellingham this month, and we're going to get some video to share.

Art Party: The art stream will be on ~the ides of March~, so come visit Tuesday, March 15th if you'd like to come watch art and hang out with me on the internet! I'll be drawing adventurer animals and I'll set up a form so Patreons and other viewers can have a chance to win the pictures I make.

Etc: I am still learning how to use this site, so bear with me - I think my pictures for the art update didn't upload properly, so I'm going to poke that post with a stick. If the pictures weren't there before, apologies! Don't be afraid to let me know if anything like that happens in the future.

UPDATE: NEVERMIND the pictures are there on the post. They weren't showing up on the main page for me. How do I drive this thing? XD