February Progress Report
Woohoo! Two months! This month was particularly challenging because Tiffany and I found out early in February that my mom's been having a really rough time in her apartment in Dallas. Apparently around the holidays she was mugged at gunpoint (who does that to a tiny 63 yr old woman?) and then a neighbors son was shot and killed. So needless to say, we all want her out of there and Tiff and I have agreed to have her move in with us up here in Ohio. So much of this month was spent planning for that. We bought my bus ticket originally for the 26th of February to go down and help her pack the truck and drive up. We rescheduled that ticket for the 26th of March, because mom couldn't get things packed up that fast. I talked to her today and she's given written notice to her complex and her work and her last day there is on the 24th, so now we just need to reserve the truck. Wish us luck! :D

In the meantime, Tiffany and I were down about $650 this month between the bus ticket and my oldest daughter moving out and she's late paying us her partial rent for the month. So with finances tight, I had to pause the comic work a little to pick up some software engineering to make ends meet this month. Of course, the more people we have on the Patreon here, even at the $1 level, the less I'll need to take time off of the comics for these sorts of life events. So share the comics as much as you can!

And being a little extra busy this month I wasn't able to promote Woohooligan as much myself -- I basically stopped doing promotional things about half-way through the month. I did however manage to get both the NSFW Deadpool/Valentine's Day Bonus and the four page Black History Month comic finished just under the wire, so I got all the content I had planned done this month, and am still well ahead of schedule on publishing content (otherwise known as making with the funny, with the jokes and the har har)! :D

What's fallen a bit behind this month, along with promotion, is the finances. Pledges to the Patreon remained flat in February and although we did get a very generous PayPal donation in January, we didn't repeat that this month. Which means where we were ahead of schedule on finances in January, we're now behind schedule on finances for the current month. I expected this. I never expected that the line of progress would always match the goal, but rather that, some months we would be ahead and some months we would fall behind. So all in all, despite being slightly behind on finances this month, I still think we're doing well toward the goal.

So where did I spend my forty hours this month?

In specific...

Comic Pages: 7 - I published three pages of the ongoing story of Amity's adventures in heaven and hell... I'm toying with "Hell Bent" as the title for this story, but I haven't decided for sure yet. Those pages are here: 1 2 3

I also published the four page Black History Month comic and I want to say thank you guys so much for letting me do this. I realize that you may read Woohooligan mostly for the absurdity, but once in a while I really feel like I need to say something important and I'm really grateful that you guys are helping me do that too. :D And despite my being really nervous about the controversial subject of race and racism, this piece got really good reception on DeviantArt and Twitter (I don't think many people saw it on Facebook)... so yay me for not fucking it up. :P This four pages took well over forty hours to write and draw and involved a LOT more research than I've ever done for a comic story. (If you're wondering about my saying it's "four pages", I published them all on one web page, but in print, it will be four pages of a book. I count these by printed pages instead of web pages.)

When I posted the black history month comic to Patreon, I used the teaser image that I use for posting to Facebook and Twitter and linked to the page on woohooligan.com -- I want to know, do you guys prefer I post comics that way, or should I go back to posting the full comic here on Patreon?

Bonus Content: 1 -  Last month I managed to get out two bonus pages. This month I only published the one NSFW Deadpool/Valentines Day bonus, although a lot of that has to do with publishing that 4-page Black History Month comic, which meant I published a lot more public content this month.

Commissions: 3 - I completed two commissions from a couple guys who had contributed to the Kickstarter a while back and who were both super-patient with me (thank you guys!) Jeff Houser and Sean Parker. I'm also really proud of the commission for Brian McCann who won the raffle for November. Brian also won the raffle again for February and I'm still waiting to hear from Sarah Roark and Ashley Misinkavich for their raffle wins for December and January.

Research: I read a third to half of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Guerrilla Marketing. I had planned to finish the book on the bus down to Dallas this month, but the trip was postponed and I put the extra time into the Black History Month comic. I'm still not finding the kind of practical information I want in these marketing books, but I'm still hoping eventually I will, or I'll get to a point where a bunch of little things that individually don't mean much suddenly click for me.

Ad Campaigns: 3 - Lately I've been running a big ad push on Project Wonderful each time I publish a new page of the comic, which costs me $20-35 each time. These ad campaigns are pretty effective now that I've updated my ad banners (in December I think). In January I'd done three of these campaigns and I hoped I'd be able to get a fourth in this month along with the super-sized Black History Month comic, but I wasn't able to afford it with all the extra financial issues this month. So like I've said, share Woohooligan with your friends, because the more people pledge to the Patreon, even at the $1 level, the more laughs I can bring you guys! :D 

Promotion: 16 - I'm not sure how meaningful the number is for promotional items... it's not like they're all an easily countable thing of the same type, like comic pages published.

I got a couple of mentions from folks on DeviantArt, both Thom Hotka mentioned me in one of his Tomcast episodes and my friend Josh Burns (an English teacher in Japan who's originally from Australia) mentioned me in his journal. I also got a mention in the intermission of Dave Plakoskas' (I'm sure I misspelled that) CrowdFinders Episode 45. I actually really enjoyed that interview with Sridhar Reddy as well.

I inquired to a couple of other non-comic blogs, because I'm looking for ways to expand the audience to people who aren't necessarily already avid comic readers. ThatBaldChick.com turned me down because my content isn't "all ages". I also inquired to Queer Deer Media, who agreed that they could publish an interview since I identify as pansexual, although I haven't gotten back to them yet.

Robert Wolinski at ComicPlug said he'd send my information on to reviewers who should get back to me in the next few weeks. I should check my email and see if they've gotten back to me. Alex at Graphic Policy already did get back to me and they'll be publishing an interview soon... I think they said it would be mid-March if I remember correctly.

I also met Daniel from Morgan's Organs, who's a pretty cool guy. I think he's been too busy with his own Kickstarter (which is already funded and closing in 2 days), to really help me promote Woohooligan, but he checked out a few pages and said he enjoyed them and we swapped support -- I supported his Kickstarter and he's giving me some PayPal donations... so financially it's about evening out, but we're reading each others' PDFs. ;)

I emailed about submitting a guest comic for Erika Moen's Oh Joy Sex Toy and got turned down for that.

I also contacted Paul Tumey who publishes the Screwball Comics blog and the creators of the documentary film Bezango WA, that looks interesting (it's about indie comic creators in the Pacific northwest near Seattle), although I'm not sure when (if?) it will be available on DVD or to stream. They wished me luck. ;) I figured that would go one of two ways, either they'd be interested and they'd pass my name around, or worst case, they'd say what they said, "uh... dunno how I can help you, thanks for stopping by." ;)

I also contacted Word Of the Nerd, the Nerdrage Podcast. I don't think I've heard back from either of those. I inquired to the Laugh Button about ad rates -- in the email I got back, he said I would need to establish a budget before he could help me customize an ad campaign and I haven't gotten back to him on that yet. I also signed up for the Traffic Generation Cafe mailing list... I downloaded their first PDF and so far I'm not very impressed with the information -- some of the info in the PDF about Google Analytics is already outdated, and some of it I know by virtue of being a software engineer was incorrect. Aside from that, so far it's a lot of stuff I already knew.

Oh, and Best-Webcomics featured Woohooligan this month.

I did a better job of keeping track of my promotional efforts this month. :D All these items were kept in an Excel spreadsheet over the month, so I could use it to write this progress report. That same spreadsheet also contains a bunch of URLs and email addresses for more people and sites I haven't contacted yet, but I want to contact in March.

So I guess that's it for February!

Thank you guys for helping me live my dreams! You guys rock!