The Making and the Making Of
Instead of a comic, today's (German) Conny Van Ehlsing is a first glimpse at what I'm doing with the comics that are going to be Vol. 5 of the book series. Namely, redrawing a lot, reediting some, maybe even remixing a few.  And you can see it happen right here on Patreon!

More than ever, I edited the comics for Vol. 5 with the web in mind rather than the print version. Over the last week or two, I started redacting the first three or four stories. They probably won't look as different as some of vol. 4 which I redacted to the point of restructuring some of the stories. Although that might yet happen. Sometimes it's just that a panel looks better from a different angle, as in the example above from Watchlisted (see the original panel here).

I'll share more teasers over the next couple of weeks. Not sure if I'll do it on the English site, too, since the book will only be available in German for the time being. Either way, though, I'm going to show a more complete preview right here on my Patreon page!

Instead of just a new image here and there or a before/after comparison, I'm going to document the completed stories in my Patreon feed, as far as I can make that interesting - because some of these stories have already appeared in this feed and what's the point if I only make tiny adjustments, right? But some of the stories are way older than that and some may change significantly, so there's a lot to see here.

These updates will be patron-exclusive, of course. I figure my patrons will get a free ebook of the thing anyway, so there's no harm done. Everybody else has the choice to  wait until the book is all done and assembled and printed - or just join us here.

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