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Lord of the Rings - Arwen's Song - Peter Hollens & NEW ALBUM!
Hi my amazing Patrons!  I'm so thrilled to announce a new album coming out March 18th.    AND this new video!

First the CD:

 1. I See Fire feat. Taylor Davis (NEW VERSION!!)
  2. Song of the Lonely Mountain
  3. In Dreams
  4. Misty Mountains Ft. Tim Foust of Home Free (NEW VERSION!!)
  5. Edge of Night
  6. Song of Durin
  7. May It Be Taylor Davis (NEW VERSION!!)
  8. Gollum's Song
  9. Arwen's Song (this song above)
  10. Into the West
  11. The Last Goodbye
  12. Hobbit Drinking Medley; The Green Dragon\ Hobbit Drinking Song\ Blunt the Knives\ Bofur's Song - The Man in the Moon feat. HANK GREEN!!!!

So thrilled to hear what you think of the video, and the album coming out. 


All of this wouldn't be possible without your love and support.  You are the backbone of my work, and my family appreciates each and everyone of you so much.  I hope you know that this video, and this album coming out wouldn't have been possible without you.

Best, P

PS.  ITS MY BDAY!!!  ahhhhh im old.

PSS. Album links:  iTunes:
Amazon: (Physical + Digital)

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