First post! Here's to a new adventure :) Contribute to my page and receive framable sketches like this every month! Or if you choose to be a patron, you will get the chance to have other hand-made jewelry, personalized greeting cards, original paintings, or other creations of mine! 
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Get Inspired!
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Let me know that you like what you see and you can tag along for all of my crafty adventures! Feel free to reach out with questions, suggestions, and inspirations!
Get Paper!
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Snail mail is the best. It's even more fun when it includes crafts! If you love handmade stickers, bookmarks, or garlands this is the right package for you! (Which, of course you do. Who doesn't?!) 
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Do you love not just getting snail mail but sending it too? Join the club! I've got just the thing for you. Can you guess what it is? Yup, a handmade 3-piece stationery set - your pen pals will love them (and so will you)!
Get Both!
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Can't decide what to choose? Who says you can't have your crafts and send them too - get both! Plus, this package comes with a bonus gift every month. Win-win-win.
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Double it all for only $5! That means two sets of stationery or 6 pieces altogether, two sets of crafts, AND two bonus surprises! That's a whole lot of handmade.
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