Hi everybody!

I wanted to give a shout out to Michael Gugerty and Chris Sherbak for supporting this project and to share some upcoming plans with ya'll.

On 18 March, I will be heading to Ames IA via Des Moines IA. The next day, I will be driving to Minneapolis MN, followed by Madison WI on Sunday. It is my intent to visit my old friend, House on Rock, before returning home to Woodstock, IL. 

On 3 April, I will begin an exciting journey west. I will be traveling to Las Vegas NV for the USBC Women's Championships. I will be passing through Des Moines IA, Omaha NE, Lincoln NE, Denver CO, and Salt Lake City UT, with a scheduled arrival date in Vegas of 7 April.

My wife will join me the next day, and we will  head south to Phoenix on the 13th once Nationals are complete. From there we head east through Roswell NM, Austin TX and points northeasterly until we return to Woodstock.

For May, I am another journey west, this time to Glacier National Park in Montana. I will return via the Badlands National Park in South Dakota, Ames and Cedar Rapids IA (where I will be researching my mother's birth family), and then back home. I do not yet have more specific dates for this trip.

In June, I will be heading to Detroit MI and Lexington KY for bowling tournaments before heading northwest to arrive back home via St. Louis and southern Illinois.


July will likely see other changes, and I won't be able to travel for the months of July and August. It is during that time that I will begin to draft the manuscript for a book that will be released sometime late in 2017 tentatively titled "Reclaiming the Roadtrip: A Transwoman's Journey Through America".

I would also love to have your support in making this long-standing dream of mine become reality. I will be working on patron rewards this week, so pledge today and get a reward!