Hey, Patreon! How ya doin'?

*taps at Patron count... and it stays at 1*

...Mmhmm. That's what I thought. See, I go and remodel the site and make pages and things, and you STILL don't sign up for patronage. *tsks, shaking his head* Shame on you lot. You want all my hard work for nuffin', is that it? For shame.

ANYWAY... I've been working like mad lately. Mostly because I'm between jobs, AND I HAVE ALL THE FREE TIME IN THE WORLD. I've made some art! One is an American Gothic parody, only it's the Maitlands from Beetlejuice, and their lovely home in the background! WILSON wants a copy, even! But he suggests we crop it down to postcards, and who am I to argue with the man who sells four digit paintings? I'm no one. I'm a humble apprentice, hanging on to his every word and doing whatever he suggests, because he's a professional, and I am not.

I'M TRYING TO BE, MIND YOU. BUT TO BE A PROFESSIONAL ANYTHING, YOU HAVE TO BE PAID FIRST. *pointed look at Patron donation count, and then at you* UH HUH. I SEE HOW IT IS.

BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT. Working! I'm doing lots of working. I have another one for "The Girl & the Gun", my Western, and I'm wondering if it might do better as a graphic novel, but really, I HAVE one of those already, and I'd rather it just write itself as a novel and be DONE already, so I could have something to show for myself. BUT FOR NOW, I have a lovely cover, with the girl and the gun and a horse and a wagon, and it's really quite good, actually. I'm experimenting with watercolor for my backgrounds and it comes out quite nicely. I've another one with the very naked, yet still charming Captain Mal of Firefly from "Trash" and a caption, "Make them wonder why you're smiling", because I thought it was quite clever and funny, and I did it, okay?!

I've another one I'm working on right now that is the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. You would not BELIEVE how ridiculous that staircase is, and I had the nerve to draw it! It's a bloody nightmare, I had to restart it twice, and even now, I'm not exactly sure how I plan to pull this off. It might need digital work, but I'm going to give it a good, college try! Whatever that bloody means. My goal is to have the thing done by the end of the month and advertise it as a birthday gift, because the Twins were born on April the First, don't you know? I love them, they're my heroes. I just WISH I'd picked a different, less obnoxious place to draw, because while I like a challenge, it really is plucking my last nerve.

But that's how we grow, right?

I'VE ALSO been talking to an indie publisher about helping them with editing and things! Isn't that lovely? We're starting off at a flat rate of $500 a book, and I'm perfectly content with a flat rate, because at least then I'm getting paid, do you see what I mean? That's splendid, that is. That's bills and rent and groceries and things.

*attempts to tap at Patron count again and sighs*

...But yes. I'm working on things. I need to do the dishes, and then I think I'll try another page of Rats With Wings. I finished the Joker head! He needs detail work, and that neck needs some reinforcing, but I need to head back to Con for that sort of thing. I also brought home my sock monkey, I think he'll be my home project, since I'm almost done with this baby blanket. Good thing, too! That baby is due soon... *sighs*

Busy busy busy, that's me. Anywho, I've got to get back to WORK now, I'll talk to you lot later. All... one of you. *pursed lips* Well, nevertheless! I love you anyway. Share with your friends?


~Mr. B

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