Art Contest! Woooo!

To celebrate hitting 1,000 Patrons (I expect to no longer have this number at the EOD, but hey, celebrate the victories when I can), I'm announcing an art contest for Beneath the Dragoneye Moons!

Everyone can participate! Even if you don't read the story! Granted, you'll have a hard time if you don't read the story, but hey. I don't discriminate.

Winners will be decided 70% by Patreon Voting, 30% by my own judgement. Which is to say, if a poorly drawn mango gets the most votes over an epic high-quality piece, just due to the meme potential, I'll use my own judgement to declare the epic high-quality piece the winner.

There might also be run-offs, depending on how many submissions I get. We'll see!

The prize pool is 550$ (US) split as follows, and will be paid out over Paypal:

1st: 250$

2nd: 150$

3rd: 75$

4th: 50$

5th: 25$

Almost anything is fair game for the drawing. Unless it'd cause legal trouble. 

Don't cause the author legal trouble.

Please upload your work to Artstation, DeviantArt, Imgur, or some other hosting site that I can access without an account. That means not Instagram, that means no Pintrest, etc. If I can't see your submission, it might as well not exist.

You can submit more than one submission, but if they're low quality, I'll probably toss all but the one I think is best. AKA Please don't spam me with a bunch of 30 second MS paint drawings. 

Please include in your submission a short description of the piece, the name you'd like to be credited with, and your paypal address in case you win.

All rights are retained by the artists. Winning submissions will be posted on Discord, RoyalRoad, and Patreon. If I want more rights, I'll contact you again in the future.

Message me if you've got any more questions!

Cheers, good luck, and have fun!


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