Stonehenge, one of the most iconic druid site in the world. A collection of stones, that has stood the test of time, stones that have many stories attached to it, and stones that to this day track the passage of time. It was my dad who wanted to visit the site as he has seen documentaries about it but never visited. When we walked around there was an eerie feel to the place. It felt etheric being so close to them and yet almost other worldly. It is a sensation that is difficult to describe, they did indeed make you contemplate what they were put there to do. The whole position of where they are as part of the modern world, gives you a different feeling. On this occasion we travelled by bus to the site, however when you pass with a car, the feeling is just as other worldly. You are approaching on a long road, and you can see the whole Stonehenge from afar, then you kind of join the car park. The stones are out on a field and in order to get to them you go through a tunnel.  The A303 passes the site, and if you ever travelled down that A road you have the same eerie feeling, and it is impossible not to be tempted to take a picture.

As human beings we are at times giving up the same vibe to each other, some we feel comfortable with and we know that we are vibing, and some people push us away as if our own field were crashing or rather clashing with the other person. Have you ever noticed that? Have you ever entered a room and some people you naturally get drawn to, but other people you just want to leave the room when they are in your vicinity? Some people say it is because our own eternal soul recognises the other, some say it is our aura, and some just say it is a gut feeling. However you consider that attraction or rejection, it is our own extra sensorial system that tells us that the human or humans in front are either like us or they are not to be mixed with.

I have spoken many times with clients about their biggest being organ not being their yes, their ears or sense of smell even, it is something else, it is that all encompassing system that includes all the senses, including our skin and the energetic field that our body generates. And of course if w are so busy existing, we fail to recognise the early warning system that may tell us to pay attention, and we over ride that system, for it works in such a subtle way that we have to be really in tune with it to be able to recognise the signs. So then if we are to expand our own abilities, and ourselves as human beings, then what are we to do? I guess we go back to my earlier entries, that we need to pay attention. We need to get in tune with our senses, we need to be able to recognise what is it that all of our senses pick up. As being we are more than just the sum of the main systems. We have much more subtle insight, but for eons we have denied that system, because we have been told that they are wrong, that we should rely on the sense of sight/hearing/smell/touch. And yet those main systems can fail so easily, and then we get disoriented, we loose ourselves and we start to fight with ourselves, we become frustrated and angry and withdrawn and isolated and hurt and abandoned, and we spiral.

When I was at Stonehenge, I knew it was just a bunch of rocks that some people at some point put them one on top of each other, and yet the eerie sense remained, that was those other senses being triggered and activated and asked to pay attention. I guess if I was to return to the site again, I would pay way more attention, but such a trip is perhaps some time away.

So then why am I asking you to tune into your senses? Well, when it coms to our emotional world, what we see/hear/smell is perhaps cheating us out of the real experience, for those senses are limited to the library of information that we hold. We have to have an image or a piece of data that we can reference those experience against, and if we miss the data we can not form an idea of what it is we are experiencing. And if we do not have  clear picture or notion of what it is we experience, then how do we know what is it we are experiencing? By slowing down and getting more in tune with our inner world as it relates to the other world, we create more reference points and therefore we can identify why are we angry, at what level we should be angry, with whom to be angry for what reason and for how long; and so we are able to extrapolate to other emotions also.

I sometimes ask my clients if they are angry because the are hungry, because they are tired, because they are disappointed, because they are afraid, because they are not loved, because.... See, just that simple emotion, anger, can mascaraed as so many things. So ten I ask you, are you in tune with your body, mind and soul? Are you in tune with your basic trinity? Are you able to speak to that part of you that is eternal? Are you able to rely on yourself to the degree that you can make informed choices? Are you able to decipher all these signs around you?

Have you found the answer to your own Stonehenge? Do you know why you are on this planet? Have you realised what makes you eternal?

As always join in the conversation in a comment, or journal your thoughts. We are ready to evolve, join us on the journey of discovery.

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