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Ramble #26

Mar 2, 2021

Hey friends,

Here's a Ramble that I really didn't expect to come together in the way that it did, but I guess that's the lesson I keep learning over and over again: when you think it's gonna be mess, it's probably going to be fine. 

I've been off social media lately because our beloved and very ancient cat was killed in front of me by a dog last Wednesday and I've been...well, I've been a wreck, honestly. I was bracing for her death, but I had no idea it would happen like this.

She was perfect. I miss her so much.

(This is a physical photo because she was fucking TWENTY ONE so all the kitten photos we have of her are from the year 2000 when none of us had digital cameras or smartphones or any of that. What a life.)

Anyway, take a walk with me through the Ojai Meadows Preserve as I natter on about ownership, privacy, grief, community, and questions. There are many good birds.


Also I found the owl:

Carrying on with transcripts for these as I get more familiar with Descript. It's a hell of a program and I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone doing audio stuff. You can download the transcript as an attachment at the bottom of this post. 




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