What better way to continue our exploration of the world, than though our senses.

The image before you is of the top notes for a perfume formulae I dabbled in a few years back. If you ever travel to the South of France you can indeed create your own perfume. A "nose" can take you through the motions of how to create a fragrance that matches your own preference. You are presented with the perfumer’s organ - and you can then create your own symphony.

And of course as I mentioned in a previous entry, our human senses are what creates our own world, in a similar fashion how a perfume is created, when all our senses work in harmony, the world is an amazing place to live in.  A perfumer's organ can have as many as 3000 individual scents to chose from to create a perfume, and it takes great finesse to be able to combine the fragrances in such a way to make it unforgettable. But of course not everyone can be a "nose" - someone with perfect olfactory pitch, who can pin point a "note" of a perfume and be able to identify each element and compound.  But of course as human being, we too have a system that is mean to do just that, pick up on the information around us and make a picture of what is happening.

Have you ever considered how all this information you receive from your world, is created into a reality for you? Have you ever considered that it is actually just a bunch of electrons and protons and chemical exchanges in the brain that create what you effectively call the world? Have you not wondered how it is your brain, suspended in a liquid, makes you recognise what you are reading on this screen, creates it into information; converts it into meaning for you and then processes the images into an array of experiences. So as a human being capable of exploring the world and reading the external world, you are at the mercy of chemical compounds and neurotransmitters between neurons, to construct a realistic image of the world around you. So how can you rely on your own senses to tell you what is real and what is not? Effectively everything your mind creates is real, for it can not represent negative. In order for your brain not to think of a pink elephant dancing in a tutu on a green field, it has to imagine it first in order to delete it. So effectively when you say to yourself "I do not want to get fat" your brain pictures you fat to then delete it, but what your brain is actually doing is deleting the not leaving the sentence "I want to get fat". You don't agree? Well I tell you what "do not think of a pink elephant. I seriously do not want you to think of that pink elephant in a white tutu, nor do I want that pink elephant to be on a bicycle on a tutu". So did you think of the pink elephant? Or did you see a monkey in a tutu instead?

But I digress, we started off from scents. Well the olfactory system is super linked with memories, it is one way our brain is wired so that we can recognise our mother's at birth, it is what makes us attractive to other people, it is what makes us feel attracted to others, and it is the ancient way of letting us know if food was ok or not to eat, will it poison us or not. And yet in the modern world, we have given up on our senses. We are so busy tracking information from so many places that we forget that we need the harmony within in order to make sense of the world outside.

What is your favourite scent? What gets you hot and bothered? What do you find disgusting? What are your senses telling you and you are refusing to listen to?

I can smell toast burning, can't you?!

As always join in the conversation in a comment, or journal your thoughts. We are ready to evolve, join us on the journey of discovery.

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