Cena Trimalchionis by Petronius | Index of All Recordings

Mar 4, 2021

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Cena Trimalchionis 00 Exordium 

Cena Trimalchionis 01 Initium 

Cena Trimalchionis 02 De Trimalchione in balneo 

Cena Trimalchionis 03 De Domo Trimalchionis 

Cena Trimalchionis 04 Discumbunt convivae; gustatio affertur 

Cena Trimalchionis 05 Trimalchio accumbit mirabiliter exornatus 

Cena Trimalchionis 06 Vinum centum annorum 

Cena Trimalchionis 07 Ferculum primum, duodecim signa caelestia 

Cena Trimalchionis 08 De Fortunata, de divitiis Trimalchionis, de collibertis 

Cena Trimalchionis 09 Trimalchio astrologus de duodecim signis 

Cena Trimalchionis 10 Ferculum secundum, aper cum venationis apparatu 

Cena Trimalchionis 11 Sermo conviviarum, Dama de frigore, Seleucus de funere 

Cena Trimalchionis 12 Phileros de Chrysantho mortuo 

more coming soon! 

Cēna Trimalchiōnis is perhaps the most famous part of the Satyricon by Petronius, who wrote this ancient novel in the 1st century AD. While only parts of the Satyricon survive, chapters 26-78 of book XV, which has been preserved nearly in its entirety, show us the famous Dinner of Trimalchio, regarded as emblematic of Menippean satire. In his insightful depiction of everyday Roman life, Petronius delights in exposing the vulgarity and pretentiousness of the illiterate and ostentatious wealthy of his age.

The recording is from the LLPSI version which can be found on Amazon here.

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