Content Summary for February 2021

This is a list of content I posted to, or found useful, on Twitter. And stuff I posted to Patreon.

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This month's highlight (for me) has to be that I released a new book There Are Hats

Twitter February 2021

Blog Posts For February 2021

Some poets and non-poets who wrote poetry that have inspired my Software Testing.

Can we use JUnit and TDD for Testing? Yes we can. Tooling and approaches are not limited to subset of coding.

How do you handle the cognitive overload from trying to learn automating and every job wants commercial experience what do you do.

Patreon Posts For February 2021

Coding habits are Socially Constructed. Fit for a specific context. But which we should be ready to adapt.

Risk...What if? Impact... so what?

Responsive Team. Focus on Value. Close Collaboration. Minimum Implementation.

don't give me problems, give me solutions

Model the problem before hunting for a tooling solution.

A quick overview of creating a simple API server from a Google Spreadsheet and a little AppScript.

A little social media profile review exercise.

Experimental patreon benefit for the micro-courses.

I saw a report written by a consultant today. And it used a pattern that I am always very conscious to avoid.

Discussion of a useful skill to practice.

Some notes on communicating as a manager.

Goal Setting can be presented in an incredibly complicated manner, and that's why a lot of management books are written. Let's simplify it.

most of us manage at a lower and and more human level.

A lesson I learned about reading code.

It has never been easier to publish stuff on your own. Don't let anything stop you.

Tips and lessons learned for writing defect reports.

I don't know any process that better illustrates how blind we can become to problems which exist, when we already face problems.

Be the best version of you, as a tester, that you can be.

Content Summary for January 2021

Monthly PDF collated pdfs Jan 2021

An energy that can move under your control.

If we try to perform security testing, the same way that hackers do, we are likely to spend a lot of time and effort and find nothing.

Abstractions can lead to heresy because common arguments and positions are harder to adopt.

Abstractions that you do not control can make life hard if you have tightly coupled to them.

You can read the pdf online, and there is a lot of value to pull from the text.

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