Mod: Walk Normal


  • 2021 March 26th - Updated NoEmotionalWalks for minor trait changes.

Adopted from Scarlet.

Original Description: This mod will make your Sims walk normal by disabling walk styles in the game.

Requirements & Conflicts

Check the Mod Versions below for which packs are required. The download has a list of possible conflicts.

Mod Versions

Mix and match, all are compatible with each other. Do NOT install versions that require packs you don't have.

  • NoEmotionalWalks - Disables Sad, Happy, Angry, Playful, Confident, Energetic, and Scared walkstyles from mood buffs.
  • NoDefaultWalks - Disables the Snooty, Perky, Goofy, Tough, Sleepy, and Creepy default walkstyles.
  • NoPregnancyWalk - Disables the pregnant walk (when they are bent backwards).
  • NoPeeWalk - Changes the pee walk to jog.
  • NoPatientWalk (Get to Work Required) - Disables the sluggish patient walk.
  • NoSerumBuffWalks (Get to Work Required) - Disables mood walks from Serum buffs.
  • NoHivemindBuffWalks (Get to Work Required) - Disables Angry/Happy walks from the Hivemind > Happy Town/Angry Town options on the alien satellite.
  • NoCelebWalk (Get Famous Required) - Disables the celebrity walk.
  • NoTeenMoodWalks (Parenthood Required) - Disables the teen mood walks from mood swings.
  • NoHauntedHousePanicRuns (Paranormal Stuff Required) - Disables the panic run reactions from haunted houses.

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