April Postcard Preview
Yeah, I know Easter happens in March this year. But I really didn't want to wait until next year to do this one. Besides, Easter is often associated with the month of April anyway, right? All patrons on Patreon who pledge at least $5 before the end of the month will receive a physical copy.

Easter is a special time for my family and me. It's a time for getting together, but not nearly as hectic as Christmas or Thanksgiving. It's simple. Peaceful. And of course, it's a time to reflect on our Savior, Jesus Christ. So this Easter season, do have fun and enjoy your chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and obscenely rich cream filled eggs. Then don't forget to take some time to contemplate. Even if you're not religious, take some time to enjoy the renewal of life and opportunity that Spring represents.

Have a very happy Easter season! :-)

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