RPPR News: What's going on with our websites
As you probably have realized, All of the RPPR websites are unreliable and unavailable most of the time. On Monday, our hosting service, Bluehost, decided to add new limitations to the RPPR account, reducing the amount of server resources available for our sites.  Keep in mind, the shared business pro account should have 'unlimited' bandwidth and storage, but that doesn't really mean anything apparently. They started CPU throttling us, which meant that most processes could not be completed. In other words, it's overwhelmed with traffic now even though it had been fine before.

I have figured out a new hosting solution and I am currently uploading the entire RPPR backlog to it. That will take some time though. I have no ETA for when it will be ready. I will post updates to Twitter (@rosspayton) and the RPPR Facebook group.

This was probably inevitable, as RPPR has grown quite a bit since it began. We have over 1500 hours of actual play podcasts recorded alone! In the meantime, we have some of the old RPPR archive available on archive.org. Hopefully we will be back online within a week.

Thank you for your support!

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