Yesterday we travelled to Highclear Castle, and we took a spin through the many rooms hidden within. Today I take you a bit down the hill, to the demonstration of working dogs and their abilities in the human world of perhaps becoming rescue dogs. When we were at the farmer's show they had a variety of shows demonstrating the capabilities of dogs and how if trained right, they can be amazing companions and are able to help out their humans in a variety of situations.  I can tell you there were no dogs harmed during the taking of this picture or during the show. All these furry friends were well cared for by their loving owners.

And now that we have travelled once more through the fiery loops of our existence, I am wondering, this Saturday night, how many hoops and loops you have put yourself through this week? This month? This year? This decade? And was it worth it? Was your anguish worth it? Was your happiness worth it? Was your trials and tribulations worth it? What have you brought with you to the table today? What experience did you bring forth in order to have a better existence today, than you had before? And have you worked out how you will move forth in the world?

To me it feels like time is standing still despite moving through time. It feels that the days are just standing still waiting for my next move, it feels like the world has taken a breath in and it's holding it's breath in the hope that when we exhale a new breath will come fresher and with more purpose. And you may think that the image I propose today is cruel to the dog, but when that dog walked up the plank it knew what it's purpose was. It knew that there is a ring, that it is on fire, and that because he has learnt it so many times, it will get through the ring with no damage. The dog also knew that at the other end, the owner will be there with a treat, and it had the purpose to jump once more through the hoop. As humans we find the lack of purpose disturbing. Every day we have to wake up and have something to do. We need to find meaning in the world, or else we feel lost. We wake up and if we are strong we get up and the day starts. Some people start their day with gratitude or with a moment to reflect on it being a brand new day full of possibilities, and some wake up expecting the worst. And of course dependent on our point of view both can be true, it is just a matter of perspective. The opportunities hand in the air in the hope that we will pluck the best version for ourselves. The universe provides us with infinite opportunities and versions of a reality and with our own 3D human mind we either jump to the chance to experience or we reject the options before us. The heart often gives us one message, and then the rational mind kicks in and negates the heart. We hope for a better day, but then we go back to the same thoughts we had yesterday, the same limitations we imposed on ourselves the day before, and then with the same thoughts we go forth in the hope of change. Our human existence can be either through time or in time, but our physical body and mind prevents us leaving this reality.  So as we step into a new Sunday , I am wondering what will you be doing? Will you take up the same things you had laid down the day before of you will take on the opportunities of a new experience?

Are you through?

As always join in the conversation in a comment, or journal your thoughts. We are ready to evolve, join us on the journey of discovery.

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