Doctor Bowie says Hello!
Welcome Patrons and Visitors!

This my first public post!

Exciting, isn’t?

Each Sunday I will post a piece that it has not been released here on Patreon.

I’m a huge Doctor Who fan. And I also love David Bowie.

So… without further ado, here is Doctor Bowie!

Thanks for visiting, and to my dear patreons, thank you very much for your support ^_^ 

PS: Why the 4th Doctor? Well, there are two reasons, but I’m going to tell you just one.  He is the Doctor of one of my dear patrons!


This Tuesday those patrons that have pledged $3 or more a month, will receive the high-res version of Doctor Bowie, for their personal use.

Besides that, I will show them the process behind its creation, including an awful mistake!

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