The Spirit of Avatar

In conversation with James Cameron. Similar to Marianne, the first time I saw this movie, it was clear to me that Avatar is this generation's 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Avatar lays out a vision and an objective for this generation to achieve; on ecological, economic, ethical, spiritual, and just plain human levels, if it only will set its hearts and minds in the direction of adaptive interdependence.

In the words of the character Mo'at, "Learn well, Jakesully. Then, we will see if your [narcissistic] insanity can be cured."

(24:38) "What? Your freedom to be the cause of somebody else's death?” — James Cameron

(28:15) "When I was growing up, people still believed in science. We're going back to a kind of magical thinking that's not good. You can't put it in a capitalist frame." — James Cameron

(29:35) "I don't think real spirituality corrupts science [with magical thinking; it corroborates science, and science is increasingly corroborating genuine spirituality). What corrupted science is unfettered capitalism. Today, it's: which science are you talking about, the science paid for by big pharma, or the science that wasn't paid for by big pharma?" — Marianne Williamson

(44:59) "The only solution is for us to band together as people, and to will it to be different.” — James Cameron, literally advocating metavalent stigmergy as the only solution, he just doesn't have the vocabulary for principal in his lexicon yet. ✌🏼

(49:05) "So, a 10x multiple of [narcissistic] psychopathy is concentrated the highest levels of corporate power, because it's a system that rewards lack of conscience to "make the hard decisions,” [to decimate people's lives in the name of the bottom line]." — James Cameron

(53:14) ”Our behavioral patterns are so maladaptive for the survival of our species. I think there is a naïve arrogance though, I think we need to look at history and realize that many advanced cultures crashed and burned. There is no guarantee that ours will not crash and burn. What is it that makes a Jeff Bezos unwilling to let people unionize?” — Marianne Williamson

(1:02:20) ”That transportive, dreaming with your eyes wide open aspirational feeling. Carl Sagan called it, the numinous.” Yes, ”which is going back to the essential self, [the book of true self], it's not new, it's going back, that's why it's originally called the Alpha and Omega, it's beyond time. That is what the religious experience is – religio – to bind back, to that which is essentially true." — James Cameron & Marianne Williamson

(1:05:15) ”People create proximal purposes to fill their time, and fill their hours, and keep one foot stepping in front of the other, but we all have a greater purpose, and a greater duty to each other, and this world. And if we just embrace that, I think there's a joyfulness in that, and it changes everything. It changes the way you look at everything. I think age brings the certainty of mortality, and you begin to question what am I here for, and what have I been here for? ... None of us know what our time on this planet is, and so everyday should be embraced as an opportunity to do something kind for other people around you. Because, ultimately, our existence is just ripples moving across this Great Pond, and eventually it attenuates out to nothing. We create that continuum with everything we do, not just those things that other people tell us are good accomplishments, 'oh you made money, you made a hit film' and those kinds of things." — James Cameron

"Observe more.”

"Bear witness.”

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