#49 - The Angry Chicken: "One Year of TAC!"
On The Angry Chicken this week, the cluckers celebrates one year of talking about Hearthstone! Check out the Youtube VOD if you missed the live recording for all of the fancy outfits. Also this week Ben Brode answered some interesting questions on Twitter, the BlizzCon 2014 schedule has been released, and there's a new Hunter deck tearing up the ladder. As always there's crazy game stories and plenty of emails to round out the show. Thank you all for one incredible year of TAC! Here's to many more! You can support The Angry Chicken by going to http://ww.patreon.com/tac. Follow us on http://Twitch.tv/amovetv. You can email the show at [email protected]. TAC #49 Post and Show Notes: http://amove.tv/news/2014/10/14/one-year-of-tac
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