New Release: Pastry Lover Trait v1.2 (Updated)

Hi everyone,

I share a new release for Pastry Lover trait. New features and detailed informations on my blog Pastry Lover Trait :)

New mod features:

Ask about favorite cake

This part of the mod has been completely rebuilt. The Sim will still be able to use Ask what is the favorite cake and will get a notification as a result.

Beginners bakers

Your Sim can now take a baking class ! For more advanced Sims, you can send them to a new Rabbit Hole.


Your Sim can also watch the Cakeflix service for a payement of 15 Simoleons.

Baking TV Show

Your Sim can go participate to the Baking TV Show, trying to beat the other contestants and earn Fame and money!

New Pie Menu

New pie menu named Baking Lover to find more easily social interactions by clicking on other Sims.

👉 Read the complete description on my blog.

Mod requirement:
Get Famous and Get To Work pack.

Available languages: EN / FR / IT / ES / RU

Italian (Thanks to xISYx)
Spanish (Thanks to Galandei)
Russian (Thanks to Trail_of_blood & Akitai)

Have Fun! 😉
Update notes :

14/04/21 Add Russian translation

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