Dragon's Scale - New Short Adventure!

FREE Short Adventure, Dragon's Scale

Author: Philip Alexandris
Editing: Constantine "Kelfecil" Christakis
You find yourselves amidst a crowd in the forest of Amaroth, in a festival that is held to commemorate the defeat of the tyrant dragon. Soon, the shaman will tell the tale of the dragon's defeat, but some of the Mochani tribe, seem a bit restless...
Dragon's Scale - DOWNLOAD LINK
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Featured Artist: Fantasy Atlas
(Check out Fantasy Atlas' Patreon page to find beautiful custom maps with lots of variants available for supporters at every release!)


Recommended Average Party Level (APL): 3 to 4
Experience from Completion: ~2,000
General Theme: Festival, Protection
Setting: Any or Starlight Chronicles
Sessions to Finish: x1 3-hour session


Hey everyone!

Today I bring you another adventure written by my co-writer Philip!

In Dragon's Scale the players find themselves in the middle of an annual festival in the forest of Amaroth, held to commemorate the defeat of a dragon by the forest's two tribes. They can play in the various games there and meet the tribespeople that are present. However, the festival is not as peaceful as it seems, and they soon start hearing rumors of hostility between the two tribes present.

The maps by Fantasy Atlas help bring the festival to life as the adventurers roam through the various tents to explore all that is offered by the tribespeople there.

As always, a Nightmare Variant is available to our lovely Patreon supporters in case you would like to get a bit more out of this adventure and also test your players' might and wit through a harder difficulty!


Just like with all of our adventures, Dragon's Scale is an adaptable module which can be used as a one-shot, as part of your own campaign, or as part of our unique Starlight Chronicles campaign. Make sure you check out the dedicated supplement if you would like to know more about the campaign setting!

Make sure you check the Vault with every new release to make sure you are up to date with the released content.

Till next time!


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