Watch With Jen - S2: E12 - James Spader with Kate Hagen

A singular and passionate writer, Kate Hagen's work has appeared in Playboy, The Hollywood Reporter, 538, Seed & Spark, and more. In 2019, she brought her essay "The Last Great Video Store" to TedX and she also appears in the new documentary The Last Blockbuster to discuss the importance of video stores in our lives. 

Since 2014, Kate has served as the Director of Community at The Black List where she's an executive and producer, edits, curates, and writes for the Black List Blog, manages the entire Black List online community, is the point person on all website partnerships, and oversees their social media ecosystem with over 250,000 followers as well.

Kate is also well-known on Twitter for her love of erotic movies and actor James Spader - two subjects we initially bonded over on the social media platform years ago! And although I usually let each guest choose a unique theme for their episode, when it came time to bring Kate Hagen on the podcast, I straight up insisted that she chat with me about sexy James Spader movies today. (Don't worry, Kate, next time, you can totally choose the topic!)

This brings me to an important note. If you're listening to this episode on a podcast platform (Spotify, Apple, etc), you might have noticed that I checked the box for explicit content on this episode. Rest assured, it isn't overly graphic but because of the mature sexual themes within James Spader's filmography (re: sex, lies, & videotape, Bad Influence, and Crash), I thought that sensitive listeners and those with children might appreciate a warning. So sit back and get in the mood for sex, James Spader, and James Spader sex in film.

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