Zine progress (with more time-lapses!)

At the top is a time-lapse video of a page I completed recently, 8 and 1/2 hours of work neatly compressed in 4 minutes. It find it rewarding to see all the discarded sketches, all the roads not taken. Every drawing -perhaps like every life- a meandering path. A series of decisions stacked one of top of the other like a Jenga tower about to collapse. 

Working digitally can be more forgiving in that way as you have unlimited undo's, but things even out because you have to commit one way or the other if the intention is to finish something. Doing things by hand (as opposed to digitally) also forces you to deal with mistakes, improvise around them, learn to integrate them. And that's a valuable skill, turning mistakes into happy accidents as Bob Ross would have it. 

Last month I posted a preview of the image where I was experimenting with the weird pattern and here is the completed version. I decided to break the symmetry with the twisted snakes near the astronaut's head, yet they still follow the underlying pattern. 

I remember when posting vertical video felt like a sin, but luckily we have moved on and youTube seems to adapt to these vertical videos well when seen on mobile, here is a 2 minute time-lapse of the above drawing. 

And if you are feeling adventurous here is a commented time-lapse I posted on TikTok. Needless to say I'm not really sure what am I doing there but at least you can watch without having to open an account. 

As a teaser for the next update I'm going to leave you with this unfinished image that I'm trying to use as inspiration for a kinetic sculpture:

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