Time Lapse: Drawing Amanda Gorman

Here is a time lapse of my portrait of Amanda Gorman, 2017 National Youth Poet Laureate and 2021 inaugural poet. This is an 8x10 drawing in pencil and gouache.

Special thanks to Upstate Vintage at JT's Custom Paint Garage for sponsoring this piece. The original is headed your way soon with my March maildrop.

Thanks to all patrons for your support. You have exclusive early access to the video embedded above until a week from today, when it will be publicly listed. My new YouTube channel name is simply Jim DeVona Draws (still under construction). Please subscribe!


Video produced with Stop Motion Studio on an iPod and Kdenlive on a PC. Soundtrack is The Messenger from YouTube's royalty-free audio library. In the future, I'd like to record a voiceover narration for my videos, but in the interest of getting it done promptly, I opted to use music for this one. I'm curious: what kind of commentary would you like to hear?

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