Mar 31, 2021

Replica of David by Michelangelo outside Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, Italy. And now that you got over the shock of a statue, let's converse about sculpting. This piece was completed in 1504, prior to Michelangelo two other artists were commissioned to complete the work, but for some reason were dismissed, though one of them started it, but gave up. Imagine a block of marble if you will, some rough stone that came out of a quarry, and then being told you have to turn it into a human figure that will adorn a cathedral, could you do this work? Is your imagine good enough to look at a stone and know exactly where you need to hit that chisel and with what intensity to carve out the shape, and not any shape, but a make figure with a six pack and veins popping out in his neck? Could you use the tools of 1500 to create such a body? By the way the original marble version is being preserved in Academia Gallery in Florence.

Today I wanted you to challenge yourself and consider once more the power of imagination, and the power of motivation or even the power of ambition, which led me to finding David in my archives. All of us are sculptors, maybe not of marble but we are sculptors non the less. We are born with little knowledge that we remember from our DNA, other than the need to get our basic needs met and survival, nothing else is known. We get two sets of DNA from our two biological parents but we do not have any genetical memory of our ancestry, everything we become is information and a path carved by ourselves from what we pick up along the way. If our ancestors have learned any lessons, or figured out a way of doing things, we do not remember the wisdom so w have to go out ourselves and create something new. And of course if we decide to have children of our own, none of the genetic memory is passed on other then the knowledge of the current life through the stories we tell.

What are you carving out for yourself in this world? Is it a career? Is it a new house? Is it a new relationship? It is just enough stuff to get you through the day?

Whatever it is you are working on carving out, it is based on your own imagination, and your ability to dream up that which will be the finite object. Just like a sculptor needs to imagine the statue within the stone, so must we project in our mind that which we are wanting to achieve. And this takes us back to the boat and the captain of your own ship, and back to your own view of self, your own beliefs, and whether you think that you are worthy. It goes back to whether you have sown something in the past, watered it every day in the hopes that you reap the fruits in the future.

What is the masterpiece you are working on? What will be your David?

As always join in the conversation in a comment, or journal your thoughts. We are ready to evolve, join us on the journey of discovery.

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