March 31st: Updates, News, Plans and Designated Initializers in C++20 (Extra)

Mar 31, 2021


This week, unfortunately, I went through some chaotic times and couldn't publish a new article on Monday.

Yet, today, I've made a summary blog post at

Bartek's coding blog: C++ Stories in March

I'm still in the conversion process, so I hope this summary post will update my readers and promote the new website.

Additionally, for my previous blog post on constexpr new I got some helpful feedback, and here are the changes that I plan to apply:

  • There's a proposal P2273 to make unique_ptr constexpr! This should improve the memory handling in a constexpr context.
  • Sometimes, it's easy to forget if a function is executed at compile time or runtime, so I'll add some examples where we can distinguish it.
  • We can also apply consteval, and then the compiler reports errors when a function is executed at runtime.

Designated Initializers C++20

Have a look at a new piece about Designated Initializers!


List of some famous software written in C++ | Terminal Root

This is a short and concise list of the most popular apps that use C++ as a core programming language. From Windows OS, Chrome, Office, PayPal backend to Oracle Databases, Unreal Engine, and others.

And we can also link to C++ Applications maintained by Bjarne Stroustrup. It has a more extensive list.

And my addition: At Xara (a company where I work), C++  is one of the core elements of the whole infrastructure. It made it possible to build an advanced document editor back in the 1990s and today.

A new list of proposals from the C++ ISO Committee - see at ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21 - Papers 2021 03.

Some interesting papers?


Unfortunately, we have another hard lockdown in Poland, and they even closed preschools. This limits my time a bit, but I hope it won't take long. Next weekend there's Easter and then Easter Monday. I use this occasion to take a short break, and there won't be a new blog post on Monday 5th. I plan to return with a new article on Monday 12th April.

Over the previous couple of weeks, I also managed to build a new mini-course for Educative. It's about data member initialisation. It's an extended version of my article: Non-Static Data Members Initialization - C++ Stories. I added more examples, C++17 inline variables, runnable code samples, and more. It's now in the review stage, and hopefully, it will be available in April or early May.

Best Regards 


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