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White People, But With Subtitles

I started work on this cartoon on November 28, 2006. (Or at least, that's when my computer tells me this file was created). I had the idea and wrote a bunch of panels, but I wasn't happy with them, so I left it in my folder of unfinished cartoons. And every year or two, I'd take a look at it and rewrite some panels, and write in some new ones, and then put it away undrawn. 

I wrote fifteen panels in all before I had eight I liked. 

Then I started drawing it in my usual "bighead" style before I realized I wasn't happy with it and put it aside for another year or so.

Then I did some more rewrites (including moving the title lettering to the center panel, rather than having it in panel 1) and finally actually completed it. I used somewhat more realistic human proportions just for a change of pace, since the last several strips I've drawn have all used bighead proportions. 

Fifteen years from start to completion might be the longest I've ever taken to do a cartoon. If not it's sure up there.

* * *

Thank you, all of you, for making strips like this one possible. I seriously could not be doing this without your participation, and I feel so privileged to be living in a time where reader-supported art like this is possible.

Extra thanks, this time, to $10+ supporter Hal Hildebrand, who is also thanked in the sidebar. Hal's been supporting these cartoons quite a while and I appreciate it. Hal, if you'd like to be shipped a print of this one (signed to you), get in touch and we can make that happen.

Y'all are seeing this cartoon a few weeks before I post it in public. But if you're pledging at the $5 level or above, feel free to show the cartoon to folks without waiting.

Stay safe, everyone. I'll see you in April.

* * *


This cartoon has nine panels, arranged in a 3x3 grid. The central panel has no images other than large title lettering, which says "White People, But With Subtitles."

Each of the other panels has an image of a single white person talking directly to the reader. All of the panels have yellow printed subtitles, "translating" what the person is saying.


A cheerful looking white man stands in front of flowering bushes. He's holding out one hand towards us, shaking it in a "no no no" gesture. He's wearing a tee-shirt that says "Close The Border" with an illustration of the border wall (although the illustration is kind of unclear and I suspect a lot of readers won't get that, but that's okay).

MAN: It's not about race!

SUBTITLE: It's completely about race.


A light-haired white woman leans casually against a stone wall as she talks to the reader, smiling.

WOMAN: Of course I have Black friends!

SUBTITLE: I ask my Black doorman about his kids if I'm not in a hurry.


A white man with glasses, a mustache, and a necktie sits at a desk, a laptop open in front of him. He has one hand raised, palm up, in a sort of half-a-shrug gesture.

MAN: They'd feel better if they talked less about racism.

SUBTITLE: I'd feel better if they talked less about racism.


A white woman stands on a city street; we can see bits of two buildings, and an alleyway, behind her. She has glasses and her red hair is in a bun. She's smiling, and holding one hand to her chest (just below her collarbone) in a somewhat surprised manner.

WOMAN: You're so articulate!!!

SUBTITLE: I'm surprised that Latinos are intelligent.


This panel has nothing but large lettering, which says "White People, But With Subtitles."


A white man with a van dyke beard and a full-of-himself expression is at some sort of party (we can see a few other partiers in silhouette in the background) and holding a wine glass.

MAN: I'm one-twentieth Indian myself, so I know all about reservations.

SUBTITLE: Your culture, my party chatter.


A white woman with a checkered shirt is behind the wheel of a car, speaking out the window to us with a somewhat grumpy expression.

WOMAN: I'm not against assistance to hardworking families.

SUBTITLE: I'm against assistance to brown families.


A redheaded white man clasping his hands in front of him and standing on a grassy hillside smiles wide and speaks directly to the viewer. His tee shirt has a manga drawing of a pretty woman.

MAN: Asian women are so beautiful and quiet!

SUBTITLE: Let me tell you what kind of porn I enjoy.


A light-haired white woman holding a book (possibly a bible) open, as if she was just reading it, speaks to us. She has a pleasant smile, and is standing in front of a small but nice church building, which features a bell tower with a large clock on it.

WOMAN: Judeo Christian values built this country!

SUBTITLE: If I put "Judeo" at the start of sentences, I sound less like a Christian theocrat.

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