Remove Sims From Conversations - Public Release - Version 1b - (Patch 1.81)

Tired of random sims bothering your active sim while they are on a date or with their friends? Now you can just kick them out of the convo with Remove Sims From Conversations!

How do I use this mod?

With the mod installed, simply right click on an offending sims’ icon in the chat menu. They will then be booted from the conversation.

Is this mod compatible with other UI mods like UI Cheats?

Yes, so far we are the only ones to alter this UI file.

How do I install?

Make sure mods and script mods are enabled, then drag and drop the .package and .ts4script into your mods folder. Remember that .ts4scripts can only go one folder deep!

How do I uninstall? Will it cause any issues?

No issues, you can safely delete both files from your folder.

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