Viking’s Daughter v0.24.0 Free on!

Hey guys,

We are releasing the Windows version of the new public build on We are only going to host our public builds there. As for the backer builds, they will be on Patreon as usual. Newest backer build can be downloaded from here.

It will be very helpful, if you download it from and leave a comment!





Patch notes

Changes after BETA

We have added one extra dialogue for Hertha and a dialogue between Hertha and Sigrid after the last quest.

Story & Quests

In this build, we have mainly focused on the story and improving the AI, so a lot of new dialogues have been added.

There are two new quests with 10+ tasks each and one big quest, which cannot be completed in this version as it’s the longest we have done so far and will require visiting a different zone and interacting with a character there.


We have added more character AI behaviors such as an archer and a spearman, they could be used both for enemy and friendly NPCs. A couple of things had to be improved like the target detection system and the chase system.

There’s a boar enemy added in Skadiland, which is also used in one of the quests and it’s the first animal that’s using our new AI system, the rest will be updated soon. We have spent some time working on a few more animals and environment models, but decided to include them in the next build.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Fixed a bug where Hilde’s quest after her last NSFW scene doesn’t start if you exit the scene before it is completed.

Entering areas will cause characters to play specific animations like setting up a trap - will be extended to improve the AI in the village, for example to fix weapons if characters are close to the backsmithing area.

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