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This is our full April Patreon Preview including

Video for April 

  • 2' Circle Pallisade
  • 2 Celtic Round Houses and 1 ruin
  • 2 Story Halfling Home
  • Full set of Square Dungeon Floor Miniature Stands set up for zero support resin or FDM printing6-20mm, 6-25mm, 4-25x50mm, 3-40mm,3-50mm
    2-50x75mm, 2-50x100mm, 2-75mm
  • Full Set of Round Dungeon Floor Bases set up for zero support resin or FDM printing


  3_25mm, 3_32mm, 3_40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 130mm, 160mm


60x35mm, 75x46mm, 90x52mm, 105x70mm, 170x105mm, 120mmx92mm



  • Full set of Blank Bases for both round and square
  • 19 Standing stones, scalable

Also Included some images of some previous month products inside the palisade for fun.

Other Notes:

I have finished redoing tags on here so they are now actually useful for navigating. Current release and preview tags are now pinned to the front of the line as well.

I have started an all-in-one back catalog for 20-2021 now that we are 5 months into our second year. The Gamescape3d new year is celebrated in November. All products now utilize patreon codes. They are available on the "starter set" post if you have lost track of them:) 

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