I'm writing this in case some of you are wondering about my condition due to the slower updates these days...

I am still alive and well (as in, not getting affected by the pandemic or seriously ill/injured). However, there are a lot I have to do in real life these days (be it my studies and other job), resulting in my body occasionally feeling under the weather recently. I think it kinda affected my mental health too as I realize I've been insomniac and feeling stressed recently. I'm feeling nauseous and distracted a lot too. That's why I'm having difficulties getting things done as fast as usual.

I also missed this year's April Fools release, despite me participating happily over the past 2 years. I missed my only chance this year... :'( 

But I'm trying to improve things from now on. I'll try my best to increase the update rate starting from this month!

I'm really thankful for all your support to me all this time, it helped me a lot. They also mean a lot to me especially during this tough time I'm having :")

I hope you guys are doing well over there. As usual, if there's anything you want to tell or ask me, don't hesitate to reach out to me. 

Please take care and again, thank you very much! ^^

TLDR: Recent slower updates were caused by my bad condition both physically and mentally (due to real life problems/stuff). I'm working harder to fix this and thank you for your support ^^

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