Quixotic Seduction

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Tired of making love in the privy?  I have created this mod to greatly expand the variety in Seduction Outcome events. In vanilla, there are 15 seduction outcome success events, and many of these are conditional for events like bedding the pope or being gluttonous. This mod more than doubles the available seduction outcome events, and greatly expands the variety of non-conditional random outcomes. I have tried to keep the style relatively close to vanilla, although my events are slightly more detailed than vanilla as I assume that is what the people want. It does not alter game mechanics or probabilities, it is intended for immersion, roleplay, and flavor.  Your Humble Servant, Don Quixote de la Mancha


Mod IS save game compatible Mod is NOT Achievement Compatible  This mod is NOT compatible with other seduction scheme event mods. Technically speaking, I am overwriting seduce_on_actions.txt because this is the only way I can figure out to insert the custom events into schemes.If you want it to load Quixotic Seduction events into another mod, like a total conversion, run it lower in the load order.

Language Support

All Quixotic mods are officially supported in English Only. Any languages provided are community translations and I cannot personally verify the quality, the accuracy, or the content of these translations. Furthermore, as I continue to update and expand these mods, some language files will become outdated and may have missing localizations for newer events. If you are bilingual, feel free to translate them, hop onto the discord for more info.

Community Supported Languages (last updated version)

Deutsche - ( - Danke LordKhaox! 

简化字 - ( - 谢谢你 Juijote!  

Translations can be submitted via pull request at the github page; https://github.com/quixotic-mods/quix-seduction

Content Warning

This is a seduction mod, and, as such, you will not be surprised to learn it contains written descriptions of human courtship, similar in content to vanilla (contains no "explicit"/18+ content).

Special Thanks

* Dulcinea, her most serene beauty, for always being my creative muse. * My most noble squire, Sancho Panza. * Players like you.

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