Vatican, Italy 2016 - Fontana della Pigna in the heart of the Vatican, dated to the 1st century AD. An interesting structure within an interesting city state.

And of course the pine cone is often related to the pineal gland we all have in our brain, a piece of our anatomy that can also be referred to as the 3rd eye. In real terms this part of our anatomy helps regulate sleep patterns, and yet in esoteric circles it has much deeper powers and can help us "see other realms".

Again when I was choosing images, this popped up, and actually the title associated originally was "Seeded" - I guess the guide in Italy may have mentioned that perhaps the pine cone may be representative of the seed of life, but I may be mistaken.

So when I refreshed my memory about the pineal, a more interesting title emerged, "reality". The pineal has a metabolic function, and yet humans have given it a different role in our very existence, so, which is real?

How do you know what is real? How do you know what is your reality? How do you know that what you feel and see are real? How do you know that the dreams are not real?

I guess today I would like you to consider once more the environment, the thoughts, the feelings, the realities you live in and try to give it a different experience. The world is changing from one day to the next, and I am wondering if you have been changing as well, without realising? I am trying to get you to consider, what makes you return time and time again, to explore your own world? What makes you re-evaluate your own existence, and want to make changes, if you only get one reality, and that is it?! Do you think you only have one reality, or do you think you can influence it, and therefore change it?

Also prior to writing this entry I was watching a video about the new emerging field of quantum physics and made me question my own reality, so I am passing on the question.

What is real?

As always join in the conversation in a comment, or journal your thoughts. We are ready to evolve, join us on the journey of discovery.

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