Summary For March 2021

Apr 9, 2021

Summary For March 2021

This is a list of content I posted to, or found useful, on Twitter. And stuff I posted to Patreon.

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Twitter March 2021

Useful stuff found and shared via Twitter.

Blog Posts For March 2021

Content created and collated for, Patreon and Social for February 2021

How to solve API challenge POST todos/id 200 to update a todo in the application.

Security Testing is a highly technical set of skills, covering a wide domain of knowledge that can take a long time to learn and gain proficiency. But there are shortcuts...

Patreon Posts For March 2021

Talking in Buzzwords

How I would simplify Testing if I had to phrase it as a single question?

State, Variation, Time and Data.

When I look at improving my processes, I don't just look at the individual tactics, I look at how they fit together.

The essential java books that I 'need' on my shelf.

Notes on 'Problems of Size' from 'The Unpublished David Ogilvy'

My model for strategic planning is a fairly simple one.

build a profile that matches the type of work you want, make it easy for people to see how relevant you are for the role.

Automating for augmentation. Repurposing your 'everything' stack. And helping you learn.

Computer software may not want us to observe what it is doing... but there is usually a way.

I was thinking what were my 'secret origins' for Testing and Software Development?

it is pretty tough out there at the moment and has been for quite some time... probably at least a year.

A mindset for getting things done.

One of the super powers that Exploratory Tester develops through experience is 'avoiding sinking into the rabbit hole'. How?

Job hunting can be hard. And interviews can be especially hard. Here are some things I've found useful to remember.

Similarities between a Web Marketing Review process and Exploratory Testing

Some fundamental things I did when learning to take exploratory testing notes.

Agile is a process of writing applications so the concept of Quality Assurance as an active part of the process is important to spell out.

how to complete the challenge POST /todos/id (200) to successfully update a todo item in the application.

February 2021 Collated PDFs

This is a list of content I posted to, or found useful, on Twitter. And stuff I posted to Patreon in February 2021

Some tips for making code easier to analyse when something goes wrong.

How to praise without excluding people who contributed?

Coding habits are Socially Constructed. Fit for a specific context. But which we should be ready to adapt.

Risk...What if? Impact... so what?

Responsive Team. Focus on Value. Close Collaboration. Minimum Implementation.

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