The 4B Flight: Monkish Brewing Co. – First Things First

Patrons: This is a free post, and beer one of our week-long "4B Flight": a new mini-episode of 4B, everyday this week. Cheers!

The 4B Flight, Episode 1 – Today we begin The 4B Flight, a solid week of new Four Brewers episodes! We’re kicking it off with Monkish Brewing Co.’s collaboration IPA with Other Half Brewing, First Things First.

Over the last couple of years, we heard from fans of the show that they wished we could release an episode everyday. While that’s flattering and awesome that these super-fans want to hear us on a daily basis, it’s simply impossible for us to release a full episode everyday.

But, we had a really cool idea. (It’s an experiment, too.) We want to give the fans exactly what they want, but on our terms. So, we are going to release one full-length regular episode on Monday, and 6 mini-episodes everyday for one week. Pretty cool, right? Well, we’re excited about it!

The first beer in The 4B Flight is a special one from our friends at Monkish Brewing Co.. Known for their spectacular Belgian-style beers, Monkish vowed early on to never make IPA (well, maybe it wasn’t that dramatic).

But, times change and hops were piling up in the brewery. Henry and Co. decided that they shouldn’t be bound by these artificial rules imposed upon themselves (again, with the drama) and decided to bring their version of an IPA into this world, with some help from Brooklyn’s Other Half Brewing.

The beer went on sale this past weekend and was an instant sell out. Monkish was kind enough to give us the homie hookup with some cans of their new IPA, First Things First. We felt it was appropriate to feature this awesome IPA on the first episode of The 4B Flight.

Tune in tomorrow for the next beer in The 4B Flight!

(…and thanks to Bob Vreeland for naming this series!)