4GO 8: Mortal Kombat X - What DLC is becoming
Welcome back, gamers, to another great episode of For Gamers Only! This week, join hosts Glenn Gordon, Pedro Gonzalez, Garri Bagdasarov (temporarily), and Ben Shillabeer-Hall for a lot of great gaming info! It looked for awhile like the world would see a new PlayStation Vita, but is that even an option for Sony? Former Xbox head Don Mattrick is leaving his position as head of Zynga with a fat paycheck. Sony is expecting a massive loss this fiscal year as it works with its smartphone business. Also, there has been lots of controversy around Mortal Kombat X’s DLC. Is it even an issue, and what does this forecast for DLC in the future on other games? From OverClocked Remix, our intro this week is called Ocean View, a remix from Sonic the Hedgehog done by DCT and guitarman, and our outro is called Laguna Tides, hailing from Final Fantasy X and done by Emunator. Hear these and much more in full and for free at OCRemix.org. Of course, gamers, there’s much more to hear than this, so press play and enjoy. Follow us on Twitter @4GOnly, and support us on our new Patreon at patreon.com/4GO so we can give you a better show—and much more! Until next week!
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