4th Live Drawing details and sneak peak on February Shikishi

Hello Patrons!

As the title states, details for our 4th live drawing is set in stone!

The Streaming details is as follows!

Featuring creator: Mago (Illustrator), Hiromi Wakabayashi(producer)
Featured title and character: TRIGGER from TRIGGER GIRLS
Twitch URL: https://www.twitch.tv/studio_trigger
Time and date: 3/13/2019 19:00 JST
*We understand that this streaming time is inconvenient for many of our supporters. However, VOD feature will be enabled for this stream so please do not deprive yourself of sleep!!

For those who have not been updated, we had to switch our 3rd and 4th creators to be featured. So, we will not be conducting a voting session this time around, as the results are already in. (For our patreon members, the results can be seen here)
We will however still conduct a questionnaire survey as usual so check back frequently for a new post!

The Shikishi's for February are also coming! Please expect to see an update sometime later this week with them as well.

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