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4x4 Driving Skills. Full length video from the DVD.
Hello everyone. I am releasing all my bestselling 4x4 DVDs onto YouTube. This is the first one, and still the most popular. 4x4 Driving Skills. This is the unedited version from the DVD. You may have seen some of it before, but most has not yet seen the light of YouTube or Vimeo. I'll be following this with others in the series, namely 4x4 Recovery, 4x4 Overland and 4x4 Accessories. These videos began their lives as VHS tapes, were upgraded to DVD in the early 2000s, and then updated again in 2008 with new packaging. Since then, they have remained unchanged. 

As I no longer sell DVDs anywhere, not even in South Africa, which seemed to be the last country to use DVDs as a main way to watch content, I thought it would be a good idea to release them all for everyone. While the vehicles are dated, I don't think the techniques are. And if I had to make this video all over again now, I would not change much. They were highly regarded in the world's 4x4 community and judged to be among the best available. I guess that's why even at the end of the DVD era, this particular one was still our bestseller. It began its life as our top seller, and ended it the same way.

Beware. It's long - over one and a half hours. Content is in the following order:

• Basics

• Skid control

• Gear selection

• Tyre pressures

• Corrugations

• Steep slopes

• Reverse stall

• Axle twisters

• Traction control & diff locks

• Side slopes

• Mud

• Sand tracks, dunes and beaches

• Auto transmissions

• Wading

• Riverbeds

• Trailers

• Salt pans


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