$5 -> $2/pg Pledge Tier to come
So I notice that only 6 folks are in the $5/page bracket, which means very very few folks are getting all my hard work and coloured goodies! (Above are some of the images $5 patrons receive in full size along with all full colour pages after this month!)

I want you guys to enjoy this even more, so this month I am thinking of lowering the $5/page tier into a $2 option but you will get all the same things which include:

*Double sized full Colour Pages! (and ALL PREVIOUS PAGES OF ARC 3 @3000pi and including the coloured pages!)

*Full Sized Instagram Posts JPGS! This includes progress shots and behind the scenes.

*Discounts on Commissions of at least 10%! Ask me how!

It's a risk for me, but I hope this might make it easier! But between this and my commissions I am able to survive! Your $20 a month is a huge thing for me and the only reason I can continue 5C!

THANK YOU! Please show some support for this idea by smashing that like button~! 

Also pages for April Links will be messaged to you this afternoon!