5/30: A House Is Maybe A Home
What emotion frightens* you the most? Why? 

Clearly, you’re going to need a minute or five to freewrite that “why” part. 

Does it frighten you in yourself only? Or in other people also? Is there an emotion that frightens you more in other people than in yourself? What is it? What objects do you associate with these emotions? (You may need to bright out of traditional text and do some good ol’ circles-and-lines connections). What animals? What colors? And of course, why? 

*If "frighten" is too much, what emotion makes you awkward?




In today’s poem, pick one of emotions (if there were two: one in you and one in other people) and build a house out of the objects and animals you associated with it. 

Here are some questions you may find useful:

Who lives in the house?

How did they (you?) acquire it? Who will live in it next? 

Do they live alone?

What does the house look like? 

Are the materials used to construct it visible from the outside or do you need to come in to see them?

Who comes to the house? 

What is the door made of? 

What is the neighborhood that it’s located in like? Are there neighbors? How far away are they from the house? 

Do any animals live in the house? 

How old is the house? 

Does it have a distinct architectural style?

What is the kitchen like? The bathroom? 

How is it lit? 

How many windows are there?

What does the house think of its inhabitant(s)?