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5/8/16 - Update as stealthy.
Hi folks! Sorry for late, and I can see few of you are still supporting me. That's great, I needed it. No matter if it's a small group, it will be growing in no time. It's been 3 months since I've joined Patreon and it's not that long. Perhaps I can resend my page upon the internet again once a week or month, just to make sure that the people will get through my page. The more patrons, the better supports I can get. And for this concept, I named this "Batman's Crusade Diving" because I thought it was cool for title. Now, don't get me wrong for that strange title, I was just trying my best to came up with an unique, kick-ass title, at least I tried it. One more thing as I should let you know that I had to skip 4koma for now and decided to focus on a few digital arts, maybe 2 or 3; because I need to expand my creativity into it and 4koma comic strip has to wait. It won't be for long, I'm assure you. That's my not-so-very quick update, I'll keep you posted as soon as possible. Enjoy your days. :) - S.S. Efren