5 Easy Tips to Appear Stylish and Attractive in Summer

The relaxed style is the image of the summer fashion, but you can still look stylish and attractive with this summer fashion essentials! 


The summer's coming back. Activities are certainly more severe because of the weather and hot temperatures. Some people prefer to go into bookstores with air conditioning to cool their bodies, and some others chill and hang out with friends.

1. What’s In? Striped Tee ! 

Striped tees or shirts with striped motifs are still a trend this summer. Creating a relaxed impression is the point of a striped tee. So, it is perfect for your summer vacation.

You can apply your striped tee while hanging out with friends, to the beach, or when you go on a date. 

2.Bright Colored Outfit

Colors like yellow, blue, and red will always be in summer. Summer has a hot temperature condition. Do not use dark colors like dark brown or black. Dark colors can absorb sunlight, so you will quickly overheat and sweat.

3. Use Trousers or Short Pants

 For those of you who do not want your lower body exposed to sunlight, you can use trousers. Use a pair of trousers that fit with your feet and of course comfortable to use the activity.
Or, you can use shorts to facilitate your activities. Shorts will make you look more casual and on point for your summer look!

4. Use  Footwear that fits your needs

 For example, if you want to go to the beach, you can use sandals . Or if you want to go to the mall and hangout at the cafe, you can use slip on or sneakers as your footwear.

5. Belt? Yes Please! 

 Use a belt to accompany your summer appearance. Belts with bright colors can be an option for your look.
However, if you do not have a multi colored belt, you can use another option, namely a belt with a canvas material. Canvas material is able to juggle your appearance to look more relaxed! No need to adjust to the color of your shoes. You can adjust it with the color of your shirt, or you can choose a belt with a neutral color.