5 quick patron "orders of business"
Hi patrons! I have 5 quick things to tell you about patron-stuff. 😊

1) I've gotten some new patrons that I haven't had a chance to properly thank yet. I get ABSURDLY excited whenever a new patron notification comes in, and I even get a dedicated email alert that makes me do a happy dance. So thank you, Brad, Christina, Karen, Cynthia, Andrew, Arthur, Sleep With Me Podcast, and Marschinda for joining the squad! Please call me out if I missed you!

2) In addition to new patrons, several of my existing patrons have recently increased their amount of support (thank you, Mélanie, Teri, and Christina)! Which brings me to this important point: If you ever want or need to adjust your patronage level, I completely understand. Someone recently upped their pledge because they wanted to download the secret song I posted for my Collector ($11) patrons. That's awesome! On the flip side, if you ever have personal budget issues and need to lower your level for a while, please take care of yourself first. As an independent artist, my income is always in flux (HELLO STRESS), so I give more when I can and save more when I can't. Trust me, I get it. 💙

3) Some of my patrons' credit cards have been declining, so if you wouldn't mind checking your expiration dates, I'd so appreciate it! 

4) Generally speaking, I've been gaining a lot more patrons lately, and other than being excited as hell, I'm also curious why that is? If you're new and there's something in particular that drew you in or convinced you to join or increase your pledge, I'd love to hear what that was (so I can do more of that, obviously)!

5) Last but not least, all you incoming patrons are coming at a good time! In December, I'll be doing a dedicated Patreon month full of fun holiday bonuses every single day! Basically like an advent calendar of artsiness. I have a lot of ideas already, but I'd love feedback on what sorts of things you and potential new patrons would like as little gifts and incentives? 

Freebie song downloads? Freebie sheet music? A private live-streamed living room concert just for patrons? A drawing for a Skype hangout/violin lesson with me? Drawing for a one-on-one virtual movie hang? An acrostic poem based on your name? Personalized virtual postcards?  A PDF download of my favorite vegan recipes? Personalized Instagram videos dedicated to you or a friend? Personalized playlists based on your taste? 

Ok, I'm getting carried away, but I'm obviously bursting with excitement here...

Happy almost-weekend!


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