5 REAL Animal Attacks
What do you do when animals attack?! Well these 5 Real Animal Attacks stories are the stories from people who have survived dog attacks, shark attacks, sea creature attacks and more! Darkness Prevails presents these true horror stories and true scary stories of dangerous animals, creepy animals and scary animals like a wild dog and a rabid dog, a great white shark attack, more sharks, a giant whale or giant monster, and other creepy true encounters! Enjoy!

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True Scary Stories List:

- The Dog Next Door - Neighbor's Dog Attacks by IvanTheDoll

- Giant Whale Attacks - Blue Whale Nearly Capsizes Tour Boat - An Ocean Horror Story about a sea monster by Sims 3 Forever Dude

- The Pool Side Horror - Rabid Dog Attack True Horror Story by Andrew S.

- The Great White Shark Nursery - A Great White Shark Attack Story by A. J.

- My Own Dog by Michael M. - Dog Attacks and Pet Attacks owner true horror story

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