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5. The Reliability of the New Testament (External Evidence)
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There is so much external evidence for the New Testament, it could not all be fit into one video, but we tried to cover as much as we could find.

41 facts from William Paley:


Annals of Tacitus

Josephus Antiquities

The Historical Jesus - Craig Evans

Josephus: The Man and Historian - J. Thackeray

The of Face of New Testament Studies: Graham Twelftree’-miracles/

The James Ossuary - Paul L. Maier


Preliminary Report: External Expert Opinion on three Stone Items - Wolfgang E. Krumbein

“Brother of Jesus” Proved Ancient and Authentic“brother-of-jesus”


Building Belief - Ben Witherington III

Credibility of the Gospel History - Nathaniel Lardner

Jesus and the Eye Witnesses - Richard Bauckham

A View of the Evidences of Christianity - William Paley

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